Move-In Certified Home Inspections in Cedar Rapids

Are you thinking about selling your home this spring? We have noticed an uptick in Move-In Certified inspections in the Cedar Rapids area. Getting a Move-In Certified home inspection shows your buyers that you are motivated to sell and care about your home.

Why should I pay for the home inspection? Don’t get caught off guard by issues you didn’t even know your home had. Allows you time to get the major items fixed so it wont hold up your home closing. We re-inspect all fixed items for free, once we have verified they are fixed the report will be updated to show the improvements. Your buyers will be impressed to see you took the time to ensure the home they are getting is in good order.

What if I don’t want to fix anything that comes up in the home inspection? Once you get a Move-In Certified home inspection you will know what your buyer will most likely ask for. That means you can decide ahead of time what to offer back.

Did you know a Move-In Certified home can sell up to 21% faster. Just by having the sign in your front yard tells your buyers you care. Don’t wait, if you are looking to sell your home call us today for your Move-In Certified Home Inspection.

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