When should you change your furnace filters?

Different homes require different changing schedules. A few factors that affect how often are listed below.

There are good reasons for changing your furnace filters on a regular  basis. If you do not change them regularly, you may be losing some of  the protection that they provide. Filters can become full of dust and  other particles and then they will not trap the new particles that come  through. This means they will be released into the air and you will be  breathing them in. In addition, your furnace will have to run harder and  will be less energy efficient if your filter is dirty. So how do you  know when to change that filter? Here are some general guidelines that  can help you determine how often is best for you.

Do you have animals?

Animals are one thing that will affect when your filter needs to be  changed. If you have multiple animals then you will change your furnace  filters more often than if you have none. Generally those with multiple  animals will change a one or two inch filter every month. A four inch  filter will need to be changed every two months and a five inch filter  every three months. If you only have one animals then you can change  that and change the filters every two, four and six months depending on  the size of your filter. No animals means you can change every three,  six and twelve months.

How dusty is your home?

Dust is another thing that can affect the performance of your filter.  If you get a lot of dust in your home then you will want to change more  often. For one and two inch filters you need to change once a month.  Four inch filters can go two months and five inch filters can go three.  Moderate dust will change those numbers to two, four and six. If you  have no dust and no other factors then you change your filter every  three, six or twelve month depending on the thickness.

Do you keep the heat or a/c fan on?

If you always have it on then you will want to change your one and  two inch filters monthly. If you sometimes have it on, they can be  changed every couple of months. If it is never on you can wait three  months. Four inch filters will be changed every two, four or six months  depending on whether the fan is on constantly, sometimes or rarely. Five  inch filters will be three, six and twelve months.

Does anyone smoke in the home?

Smoke can be detrimental to the filter and will make you have to  change it sooner. Multiple smokers mean that one to two inch furnace  filters should be changed monthly, four inch filters every two months  and five inch filters every three months. One smoker changes those  numbers to two, four and six. If there are no smokers then filters can  be changed every three, six or twelve months based on the thickness of  the filter.

Do you keep windows and doors open?

Since this lets a lot of dust and dirt inside, it can impact how  often a filter should be changed. If the doors and windows are open a  lot, change those one and two inch filters monthly. Change four inch  filters every two months and five inch filters every three months. If  you only keep them open sometimes then you can change every two, four  and six months. If you never have them open then you change filters at  three, six and twelve months based on your thickness.

When you change your filter is based on more than simply your filter.  While the thickness plays a prominent role, so do the factors in your  home. Quality Furnace Filters provides high quality replacement filters  with top MERV ratings so that you get the best results in both air  quality and energy efficiency.


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